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Who is the best and most relevant band ever?

Most online polls are very biased. Hopefully, this poll will offer a refreshing change! Your opinion is very important to us!

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Anyone who knows me, knows how horrible I am at following through with anything. Thankfully, those who love me like crazy have yet to be alienated by my constant changing directions — breaking necks and not in a good way!

The biggest reason I really wanted to start this blog was for accountability.

Are you reading this? Yes? Then, I need you. I need you to not only read what I write for curiosity’s sake  (FYI: I will never be a train wreck.) — I need you to use what I write here as a way to keep me on my toes. I’m so bad at following through — mostly out of feeling fairly alone in my efforts. Let me make sure to let you know FIRST, that I don’t feel alone because I am actually alone. I have so many people around me who love me like crazy — but they’ll be quick to tell you I hate asking for “help.” Of any sort.

Here two of the major themes that you’re going to probably see me fiddle around with, because I notoriously try and intervene in these areas of my life — but, again — I never follow through! Well, it’s your turn to make me follow through.

  • Getting Healthy! And I don’t mean I want you to chastise me for eating pizza, drinking too much coffee, etc… but I would like you to ask me sometimes “how it’s going.” But if I post a photo on Instagram of a dozen donuts — no judgement. I doubt I’ll be perfect, but I do need to maintain focus. I did mention “weight loss” as a goal — but I know it’s much more than the number on the scale.. It’s not a diet.. It’s a complete lifestyle change.
  • Homemaking. Grab your stones — you may want to throw them. (But, of course, you’re here, so I know you won’t!) I truly desire a more traditional “gender role.” Thankfully, I married a man who would never, ever ask that of me — but I feel as a way to show him I’m thankful for everything he does for our family, that I should step up to the plate more often to help out. I’m lazy — everyone knows it. That’s got to change. This one will be agonizing — but I hope that I can at least continually make steps forward, even if I never reach some sort of exemplified end goal. No, I don’t want to be a 1950′s housewife, and no I don’t expect myself to do all the housework — but again, I married someone who doesn’t expect that of me either… It’s a personal choice. I want to bake more, clean more, craft more, sew more, cook more, love more, serve more. This even includes documenting the day-to-day.. Keeping a loving record of my son’s accomplishments and milestones. Something I currently do not have.

So, hey! Thank you for reading this — but, realize now that you’re obligated. (See what I did there? Hook, line, and sinker!) I need your help with these things!

Is there anything I can help you with? I believe the “it takes a village” concept applies more than just to raising the chit’lins!

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Fresh Start!

Ermahgerd! Mah blerg is gern! Yep, my blog is gone.

I was running a mega-poorly updated blog at TheStainbrooks.com; however, I failed at the “moving to a new server” life task. So, I lost everything and decided to start over here — at thegingerkid.net. Yes, if you’ve been following my career as a serial hobbyist, then you recognized this blog domain from back when I had a cloth diaper and natural parenting shoppe. I do miss it — but it wasn’t in the cards for me at that point in life.

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While my store might be history — I couldn’t bear losing “the ginger kid.” The name was very special to me as my son was born with bright ginger hair, and I used to joke while I was pregnant that I hoped he wouldn’t come out with my hair color… and of course, as with all matters of “let’s hope the kid doesn’t get your…” — he did! And I loved it immediately.

What will we be doing here?

What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino?


Here’s my plan. We all know I’m a horrible blogger (even though I used to be an awesome one!), but as with several things in my life right now, I’m a work-in-progress! I really do find it incredible important to journal–yet I fail miserably at doing it. I haven’t recorded anything at all related to Everett growing up, or anything else for that matter — and I’m so afraid of the day that I forget everything and can’t even read about it later.. So, that has to change. Whether I write everything here or somewhere else — it has to change.

Here are some things that I’m in the middle of or gearing up for that you might find posts about as I continue:

  • Learning to be a stay-at-home-mom.
  • Losing weight.
  • Eating better.
  • Being a business owner.
  • Going to Hawaii.
  • Finding joy in the journey.

I’m horrible with words though — as many of you have probably learned through the years. I hope that you can see past all of that as I begin this new chapter and recognized the heart behind this entry and future entries.

Thank you for your support!

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